“Classical music can not be a commercial project. People don’t make fortunes with classical music. And there is no interest from big companies or from advertising companies to invest because the market share is relatively small. But at the same time, it’s such an extremely difficult art to master.” – Edgardo Vertanessian, Prima Classic  CEO & Co-Founder

The interview with Edgardo Vertanessian, CEO & Co-Founder of Prima Classic Record Label delves into the significance of private support for culture, highlighting the emotional resonance of music and the importance of preserving artistic heritage. 

In a conversation with Mrs Maria Kikina Mr Vertanessian, reveals his family history connected to Armenia, and views on the importance of possibility to record for young artists, specifically in classical music.

The Primavera Foundation expresses sincere gratitude to Edgardo Vertanessian and Prima Classic label for our collaboration. We are thrilled to be able to design and run more initiatives in the coming years together!

Full interview here

“Private Support Is Fundamental For Culture”

– Edgardo Vertanessian, CEO & Co-Founder, Prima Classic Record Label 

On April 5, 2024, Prima Classic label released the first single from the History of Tango album with works for guitar and orchestra. The album features Artyom Dervoed (classical guitar), Yuri Medianik (button accordion), and Sergey Shamov (percussion) with the Russian National Orchestra under the baton of David Molard Soriano. The album tracklist includes works by Astor Piazzolla and Cacho Tirao, including the newly arranged works for guitar and orchestra: the world-premiere recordings of the new transcriptions of “Suite del Angel”, “Histoire du Tango”, and “Libertango”. 

50% of the History of Tango album streaming proceeds will be used to support the Primavera Foundation Armenia Classical Guitar educational program for young Armenian musicians. 

We asked Mr. Vertanessian about this project and his personal connection to Armenia. 

Primavera Foundation Armenia (PFA): What were your emotions when you listened to Artyom Dervoed’s History of Tango album for the first time?

Edgardo Vertanessian (EV): It was very emotional! I was born in Buenos Aires, I grew up there. It is my beloved city and when I listened to this album, I was flushed with memories and impressions of Buenos Aires. For us, Piazzola represents Buenos Aires and this album is so well performed!

PFA: But you are Armenian, and your family fled from the Armenian genocide… What do you remember about Armenia from your family history?

EV: Yes, I have Armenian blood from both of my parents’ sides. My mother’s and my father’s families came from the same small town in Türkiye called Bilecik. Now I can’t find it on the map… It was the Ottoman Empire, and the city name may have been changed since then. They were from well-established Armenians who lived in Türkiye. On my father’s side, they were very wealthy, they owned a silk factory. 

When Ataturk and his criminals came to power and started killing the Armenians they took everything from them. My ancestors lived in the countryside where the killings first started, as there was no press, no media, nothing. My family had connections, so some of them managed to escape to Istanbul, yet some of them were killed. 

After all, most of them ended up in France, and they still live there. My grandparents from my father’s side settled in Argentina. Their families arranged the marriage in advance via letters, and my grandmother took a ship to Buenos Aires to meet her husband, my grandfather. Although my grandfather died young of a stroke, they had a lovely marriage. He had studied in Italy and was a very well-educated man. They started a new life there… 

From my mother’s side, my grandfather arrived in Argentina as an orphan, and later married a Spanish woman (my grandmother) and they set up a metal-work factory in Buenos Aires. It still exists! 

Our story is like every Armenian family in the Diaspora around the world: after everything had been taken from them in Türkiye, they found peace and happiness elsewhere, in our case in Argentina, such a wonderful place! They all immediately fell in love with Argentina. I’m a second generation Argentinian. Unfortunately, we didn’t go to Armenian schools and we don’t speak the language. 

This is just a part of our family story. It is known that Turks were killing entire families, killing parents in front of their children’s eyes, and we have dark stories in our family too. I’m sad and frustrated that it is not coming to light, that Turks do not recognize it.

PFA: Primavera Foundation Armenia is a non-governmental organization. What is the role of private support for the culture?

EV: I think that private support for the fine arts is fundamental. It has always been. Even in the times of Beethoven, he had to find rich people to give him money for his compositions, Mozart was running around searching for sponsors, Vivaldi… We have seen it throughout history, it’s nothing new, and today it’s as important as it ever was. Apart from popular music, for example, classical music can not be a commercial project. People don’t make fortunes with classical music. And there is no interest from big companies or from advertising companies to invest because the market share is relatively small. But at the same time, it’s such an extremely difficult art to master. If you play, let’s say, flute, you have to practice for years before you can even apply for a job in an orchestra and you have to be really good at it! It’s a lifetime commitment from an artist. 

If there were no private individuals who appreciate and finance classical music, if we leave it to the market forces, there would be much less support and much less development. What Primavera Foundation does is extraordinary, because it not only supports performers, but the foundation supports musicians in a minor country like Armenia: a small yet significant country in terms of culture and religion. Its people are known to be active and entrepreneurial everywhere they go, but it’s a small country after all, so if someone takes an interest and supports the local culture I think it’s remarkable. 

PFA: You are a co-founder and CEO of Prima Classic record label. Is it important to teach musicians the basics of recording? Will this knowledge help their careers?

EV: Artists should have an idea of what it is to record. Maybe it should be taught in schools, very briefly though, because it is not a big subject from a musician’s point of view. But to be prepared to record is not the same as to be prepared to perform. When you are recording, you need the energy of the performance but at the same time, you need perfection. Even if there is a mistake in a single note you cannot leave it, as it will stay there forever. 

You have to take a more analytical approach when you record and make sure that the emotions and the technical perfection are there. If you make it too “clinical”, it could end up being a cold recording, but if you make it too emotional, it might have a lot of mistakes. You have to find a balance. During a recording usually, there are lots of repetitions, when musicians play the same part over and over again. 

There is also the studio time needed for it. To record an album of, say, one hour of duration, provided that you are a well-prepared instrumentalist, you will need anywhere between 12 and 24 studio hours, depending on the difficulty of the repertoire. You need to repeat and then select the best takes, and the engineer will put together all the pieces. Unlike in a performance, you never record from beginning to end. Well, some artists can do it, but it is not the norm. The norm is that you record, stop, listen, and repeat until everyone is happy, only then do you move to the next piece. 

Musicians also should know how to record themselves. Now it’s very easy to do with a computer at home, and with some microphones which are not very expensive. The cost of a home recording is very low, and with a few hundred euros you can make a demo recording, for example, and upload it for free to SoundCloud. To start recording themselves and putting the music out, it’s a good way to show their craft to the public, to agents, and to record labels as well.

Maria Kikina


The three-day VISAGES D’ARMÉNIE FESTIVAL in France gathered over 500 people, who attended three performances by ten artists!

• World-star pianist Dmitry Masleev opened the festival with a Khachaturian & His Universe solo recital on Friday evening.
• On Saturday, we explored Armenian culture and traditions through the We documentary screening (directed by the legendary filmmaker Artavaz Pelishian) with a pre-talk by Armenian journalist and screenwriter Eduard Ayanyan, who gave later this day his second lecture on Armenian Cultural Heritage and Its Influence On the World.
• We finished the day with the Traditional Armenian Music Performance featuring Lilit Petrosyan (kanon), Harutyun Chkolyan (duduk), and Vocal Quintet LUYS.
• The closing chamber music performance by Thomas Lefort (violin) and Ruben Kozin (piano) brought works by Komitas, Babadjanian, and Khachaturian to La Rochefaoucaud-en-Angoumois. Can you imagine these two ethnic Armenian musicians meeting in France? And even more! Ruben got the invitation to perform at the festival because he applied to Dmitry Masleev’s master classes in Yerevan!

Read more & see photos



Visages d’Arménie Festival is a unique opportunity to discover the rich culture and amazing history of the ancient country, the hardworking and talented Armenian people.
The music of Armenia, its culture and traditions come to the French soil: concerts of magnificent performers, Armenian winemaking tradition discovery, fascinating stories about Armenian history and culture. The three days, during which the French and residents of France will be able to learn, to hear, to see, and to feel Armenia, and become closer to it.
Visages d’Arménie Festival is another ange of the Primavera Foundation activities focused on promoting the international integration of Armenian culture and Armenian artists, as well as Armenian cultural heritage recognition worldwide.

The festival program features performances by the world star pianist Dmitry Masleev Khachaturian & His Universe, as well as Lilit Petrosyan (kanon), Harutyun Chkolyan (duduk), and Vocal Quintet LUYS (meaning “light”) from Armenia, chamber music concert by Thomas Lefort (violin), Ruben Kozin (piano). Discover Armenia through the photo exhibitions Visages of Artsakh by Sevak Asrian (Armenia), and Visages of Armenians by Suren Manvelyan (Armenia), as well as the screening of We (1969) documentary by famous Armenian director Artavazd Peleshyan with the pre-screening talk by journalist & screenwriter Eduard Ayanyan.

Check out booklet here



Between March 11-17, 2024 more than 300 visitors to the Foyer of Couvent des Carmes at the La Rochefoucauld-en-Angoumois in France emerged themselves in the photo exhibitions dedicated to Artsakh and the Armenian people. Two Armenian photographers, Sevak Asryan and Suren Manvelyan exhibited their works sharing the beauty of Armenia and Armenians with the festival guests.

We express sincere gratitude to the festival co-organizer Association Hardiese, and to Mr. Manuel Ngo personally.

More photos are here


VISAGES D’ARMÉNIE FESTIVAL: Thomas Lefort & Ruben Kozin – Chamber Music Concert

At the Primavera Foundation Armenia, we prioritize providing performance opportunities to young Armenian musicians.

Here is the story behind the closing festival performance: violinist Thomas Lefort and pianist Ruben Kozin presented works by Komitas, Babadjanian, and Khachaturian. Both musicians are ethnic Armenian, and they met for the first time performing Armenian music in France.

On top of that young pianist Ruben Kozin got the invitation to perform at the festival because he applied to Dmitry Masleev’s master classes in Yerevan last year!

We express sincere gratitude to the festival co-organizer Association Hardiese, and to Mr. Manuel Ngo personally.

More photos here


VISAGES D’ARMÉNIE FESTIVAL: Concert of the Traditional Armenian Music

A concert of Traditional Armenian music at the Eglise de La Rochefoucauld at the end of the day of the festival was a journey through centuries: from medieval melodies to spiritual chants, and folk songs performed by Armenian artists Lilit Petrosyan (kanon), Harutyun Chkolyan (duduk), and Vocal Quintet LUYS.

We express sincere gratitude to the festival co-organizer Association Hardiese, and to Mr. Manuel Ngo personally.

More photos here


Second day of the festival: Documentary Screening & Lecture & Master Classes – VISAGES D’ARMÉNIE FESTIVAL

On Saturday, March 16, 2024, we explored Armenian culture and traditions through the We documentary screening (directed by the legendary Armenian filmmaker Artavaz Pelishian) with a pre-talk by Armenian journalist and screenwriter Eduard Ayanyan, who in the afternoon gave a lecture on Armenian Cultural Heritage and Its Influence On the World.

We express sincere gratitude to the festival co-organizer Association Hardiese, and to Mr. Manuel Ngo personally.

More photos here


VISAGES D’ARMÉNIE FESTIVAL Opening – Dmitry Masleev Solo Recital

Standing ovations for Dmitry Masleev’s breathtaking opening performance of the VISAGES D’ARMÉNIE FESTIVAL on 15 March 2024! Stunning performance at the Couvent des Carmes with Khachaturian & His Universe program paid homage to the great composers who influenced Khachaturian’s artistry.

We are endlessly grateful to Dmitry, the piano program Curator at the Primavera Foundation Armenia for his support of Armenian pianists and his pedagogical work in Armenia!

We express sincere gratitude to the festival co-organizer Association Hardiese, and to Mr. Manuel Ngo personally.

More photos here


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YouTube is an invaluable source of information. But many treasures remain inaccessible to Armenian students and teachers. Why?

You often get those in languages other than Armenian. With your help, we could create Armenian subtitles for our educational videos!

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Together we turn YouTube channel into an invaluable source for Armenian musicians and their teachers.

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Source: VIDEO

Let’s Be United Around Armenian Culture: Armenpress Interview With Elena Yakovleva On the Upcoming VISAGES D’ARMÉNIE FESTIVAL in France

On February 29 Elena Yakovleva, co-founder and executive director of the Primavera Foundation Armenia, shared the foundation’s history, vision, and upcoming projects in an interview with Armenpress.

“We hope that the festival becomes a space for reconnection with Armenian spirit, culture, traditions, and a meeting point for everyone concerned about the future of Armenia,” emphasized Elena Yakovleva.

The interview by Angela Hambardzumyan, delves into the foundation’s role and commitment to cultural preservation and community engagement.

Read the full interview


“Armenia is a country of incredible talents” – Co-founder of Primavera Foundation Elena Yakovleva

Elena Yakovleva, co-founder and executive director of the Primavera Foundation Armenia in conversation with News-Armenia.

Read more about the inspiration behind launching the foundation, the story about the Armenian festival in France, and how music helps to survive during the toughest times in an exclusive interview with the News-Armenia agency.

Read the full interview


Primavera Foundation Armenia first time at Dilijan State Art College with Valeria Galimova

We continue our work in Armenian regions by exploring new communities and meeting new friends. On February 16, 2024, we were thrilled to visit Dilijan State Art College for the first time. We had the pleasure of meeting with the college’s Director, Mrs Hasmik Musayelovna, who played a vital role in creating a magical atmosphere for the concert. She also shared insightful updates on the current state of musical education in Dilijan, sharing valuable advice.

Valeria Galimova was deeply impressed by the openness and warmth of the local audience. She also gave a public talk, sharing her career story and experience of moving to Germany and studying there. We hope to return to Dilijan very soon!

We continue working in Armenian regions and discovering and nurturing young talents. Click the SUPPORT button to join us on this meaningful journey!

Check out photos here


Primavera Foundation Mentor Valeria Galimova’s Gave Concert and Run Master Classes in Ijevan!

On February 15, 2024, the Primavera Foundation Mentor, classical guitarist Valeria Galimova, delighted the audience with her first-ever recital in Ijevan, Armenia. The concert program features the works of J. Turina, F. Schubert, R. Dyens, and C. Domeniconi.

Following the concert, Valeria gave all her attention and care to seven young Armenian musicians under the auspices of the foundation Artistic Training Program and ran master classes. Seeing the students improving their skills under Valeria’s guidance was heartwarming.

A special thank you to the warm and welcoming community of Ijevan, the director Aida jan, and the teachers of Ijevan Music School!

More photos are here


Classical Guitarist Valeria Galimova Debuted in Armenia as the Primavera Foundation Education Program Mentor

On February 14, 2024, we welcomed our Classical Guitar Program Mentor Valeria Galimova in Yerevan! Valeria committed herself to a tight schedule with a bunch of educational activities. Valerya starts with a workshop on Physiology for Classical Guitarists and shared exercises for posture, finger strength, agility, and flexibility, warming up techniques, and post-practice routines to prevent body pain (we bet not only guitarists are sitting hours long!). Then Valeria performed a recital featuring pieces by F. Schubert, K. Mertz, and R. Dyens. The day program continued with a Public Talk. Valeria shared insights on moving and studying in Germany, covering financial planning, admission exams, academics, and the German lifestyle. Finally, Ms Galimova ran a classical guitar master class working on Johann Kaspar Mertz’s Tarantella with Lilit Sargsyan.

We filmed everything! Don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube Channel and never miss a beat!

A big thank you to our partner, the Arno Babajanyan Concert Hall!

Check out photos here


Glumovo Utro on Radio Van FM 103.1 with Primavera Foundation Armenia Co-founder & Executive Director Elena Yakovleva

Why in France? What is the story behind the Visages d’Armenie Festival closing concert? How did the Russian girl fall in love with Armenia in 2012, and how is the mission of the Primavera Foundation Armenia connected with the foundation’s activities?

Join the “Глумово утро “show on Radio Van FM 103.1 with our Co-founder & Executive Director Elena Yakovleva, who shared insights about our first-year findings, plans and the VISAGES D’ARMÉNIE FESTIVAL.

Many thanks to Egor Glumov & Gor Grigoryan for the conversation!




In September 2023, everyone involved in the Primavera Foundation’s activities gathered in Yerevan to celebrate its first anniversary!

A1plus interviewed the foundation’s co-founder, Anastasia Boudanoque (USA/France), and board members Marc de Mauny (France) and Vasily Pasetchnik (Malaysia). Check out the insightful talk about their connections to the foundation, Armenia, and their future ideas and plans.

Special thanks to our PR manager Ms. Asthik Dalakyan for making this happen!






Our classical guitar tutors, Vahan Sargsyan, and Henrik Melikyan, consistently travel to Armenian regions, bringing emotional support through music with the series of concerts dedicated to Artsakh refugees. In Cherentsavan, they also gave classical guitar master classes to young Armenian musicians right after the performance.

We are thrilled and proud to continue our commitment to supporting Armenians!

More photos are here


Alexey Cherkanov: “Music is an integral part of my life”. Hear the Primavera Foundation donor!

Explore the connection between music, education, and Armenia in an interview with Mr. Alexey Cherkanov, CEO of the Bureau of Unusual Travel in Armenia, known as “Urban Armenia.” Mrs. Maria Kikina in a conversation with Mr. Cherkanov, revealing his thoughts on the significance of supporting educational and cultural initiatives, his choice to back the Primavera Foundation, and his personal ties to music and Armenia.

The Primavera Foundation extends heartfelt thanks to Alexey Cherkanov. His commitment crucial for the work of the foundation!

Full interview here

“Музыка для меня – это неотъемлемая составляющая жизни”

Алексей Черканов, CEO Бюро необычных путешествий по Армении “Urban Armenia”.

  1. Что Вы знаете о фонде Primavera Foundation Armenia? 

Я знаю, что фонд занимается развитием классической музыки, организует концерты, и, как я понимаю, оказывает поддержку талантливым детям и просто детям, которые занимаются музыкой. 

  1. Вы посещаете концерты? Слушаете музыку?

Я слушаю музыку, много слушаю музыку. Я играю на гитаре, я играю даже на барабанах и вообще музыка для меня – это неотъемлемая составляющая жизни. В какой-то момент я увлекся классической музыкой, потому что я такого услышал дядю – Михаила Казиника, он популяризатор классической музыки, очень прикольный дядя, у него на радио Орфей была программа своя, где он просто очень много всего рассказывал и разбирал музыки, иногда с ним были скрипачи или на фортепиано играл его приятель, они буквально играли какие-то баховские фуги и прелюдии, и он прямо что-то разжевывал: “а вот здесь вот это, а это вот так”, я супер им увлекся через именно вот такую подачу. Вобщем да, академическая музыка, такая вещь, это не Клава Кока, в маршрутке ее услышишь, и тебе не понравится, то есть элемент просвещения важен, потому что не все могут вот так просто так заинтересоваться.

  1. Как получилось, что Вы переехали в Армению и теперь развиваете здесь бизнес?

Да получилось довольно случайно, честно говоря. Это как бы в ту же сторону спич, что я был в Армении проездом. Когда запретили прямые рейсы в Грузию, мы ездили в Грузию в поход и поехали через Армению, ну заложили день-два туда, день-два обратно и не могу сказать, что на меня произвело какое-то впечателение пребывание в Ереване, куда-то мы еще выехали рядом, но не больше. Когда началась СВО просто была возможность – жена работала в IT компании и им сказали буквально на следующий день, хотите летите в Ереван. Я говорю, ну я был в Ереване, там как бы норм. Не рай на земле, но норм. И все, и улетели. Дальше уже здесь по чуть-чуть стали узнавать, что тут происходит, и пошло-поехало и вот мы до сих пор открываем все новые и новые штуки.

  1. Как Вы взаимодействуете с фондом Primavera Armenia?

Мы взаимодействуем достаточно просто в косвенном ключе, потому что мы с Женей (Евгения Случак – член Попечительского совета фонда, прим. ред)  познакомились давно, в начале всей этой армянской истории. В какой-то момент она сказала, что у нее машина большая ее, минивэн, она нам как раз посоветовала один завод здоровенный. “Вот я туда ездила, скажите, что вы от Жени на большой машине серебристой” и в какой-то момент я ей пишу, может мы у тебя эту машину возьмем в аренду, потому что нам надо было куда-то поехать и она нам идеально подходила. И она сказала, что да можно, но я эту машину перевожу на баланс фонда, и мы можем ее брать, согласовав время и благодарность за это в виде донейшна в фонд мы перечисляем. В общем таким вот образом мы осуществляем поддержку фонду на взаимовыгодных условиях. 

  1. Для фонда очень важны такие небольшие донаты. Это маленькие шаги для большой цели.

Нам безусловно приятнее платить в фонд, чем в прокат машин.

О культуре и развитии туризма в Армении

“Только в Армении я понял, что всю жизнь был окружен армянами!”

Алексей Черканов, CEO Бюро необычных путешествий по Армении “Urban Armenia”.

  1. Вы часто бываете в регионах с туристическими поездками, расскажите подробнее почему важно развивать регионы Армении?

Во первых, мне кажется, что в принципе Армения – глубокая, интересная страна, мы как релоканты, которые занимаются туризмом смогли это понять, донести нашей аудитории, но в целом и туристы, и армяне, которые живут в Ереване, не особо путешествуют. Например, диалог с такситом: “Ты там в Гарни был? Нет”. Начинаешь ему про Мегри рассказывать, а он там не был никогда. Для него кажется это очень далеко ехать 5-6 часов, особенно Сюник и все, что с ним связано, нам очень нравится, поэтому мы туда стараемся ездить как можно чаще. Хотя все едут в Татев, кататься на канатной дороге, а все супер интересное начинается как раз за Татевом. 


Там есть Капан, поскольку там промышленность горнодобывающая развита, то есть город, в котором есть указатели на велопарковки, какие-то нарисованные велодорожки – это такой странный вайб, и при этом нет ни одного велосипедиста, естественно в городе. Но тем не менее ты не ожидаешь это увидеть, ты такой, окей, есть центр Еревана, есть Дилижан – который уже как деревня и вдруг ты приезжаешь в Капан и такой “ого”, а оказывается в Армении есть еще такие города. Вот как есть Россия, и есть Москва, то есть там тоже возникает такое ощущение – есть какие-то скверы, тротуары, даже плитка уложена, похожая на московскую. Он прям ухоженный, классный и хочется провести там какое-то время. Единственное, до него очень далеко ехать, хотя в нем даже есть построили аэропорт маленький, точнее он там был, просто его недоделали, только провели тестовый полет, в общем, если сделать полеты он станет доступен нормально. Стопудово можно развивать Капан. 

Мегри и Горис

За ним есть Мегри, который уже на границе с Ираном вообще, и там тоже красиво, вообще все по-другому, это прям какой-то вайб восточный, там пустынные места. В Капане наоборот лес и горы. Там гора Хуступ, очень крутая, и очень почитаемая здесь, на этом Хуступе еще могила Гарегин Нжде. Но вообщем много чего можно делать, туда просто тяжело доехать, но когда люди сюда доедут, они потом такие “ого-го”. Плюс и Горис там с этим пещерным городом. В общем мы фанаты Сюника, потому что он какой-то настоящий.

  1. У нас, кстати, проходили мастер-классы Дмитрия Маслеева в Агараке, Горисе и Капане, он остался в восторге от региона.

Да, я слышал об этом! Там супер классно! 

  1. Можно ли рассматривать данный регион как один из приоритетных для развития культуры и туризма, как Вы считаете?

Ирония в том, что если я правильно понимаю, это вообще кузница бюджета Армении как государства, потому что там сосредоточены все недра. Там молибден, в Сюникской области лежит 11-12% мировых запасов молибдена, в этой маленькой штуке. А он какой-то редкий ценный металл, поэтому там как бы это важное место.

  1. Что для Вас Армения после года жизни тут?

Для меня Армения как бы не знаю, атмосфера какая-то родная, хотя я из Москвы. Если бы я был из Анапы, то вообще не заметил бы никакой разницы или из Сочи. Но только в Армении я понял, что всю жизнь был окружен армянами! Просто я этого не замечал, я их не дифференцировал, что вот это армяне, а это не армяне. И поэтому тут у меня нет вообще ощущения, что я заграницей, поскольку настолько тесно связаны мы с ними, а они с нами. 

Я кстати, всегда думал, что это все началось с Советского союза, и только тут мне объяснили (кстати, в ключе поездки в Мегри), что Мегри например, освободила Российская Империя в ходе какой-то русско-персидской войны какого-то бородатого года и с тех пор закончились набеги мусульман с той стороны. Мне сосед объяснил, что именно оттуда идет хорошее отношение и в этом причина. Мы нашли здесь в Лори (это в копилку направлений!) еще поселения, там если на карте посмотреть, там одни русские названия. Все знают Молокан, но это не молокане, это обычные православные, которые там еще немножко есть, это именно потомки офицеров, то есть, когда Российская Империя свои рубежи перенесла сюда в закавказье, здесь разместили офицерский корпус, который стоял на границе. И вот там до сих пор есть деревня Привольное, в ней есть церковь православная, в ней есть бабушка Вера Ивановна, с которой мы дружим, она нас кормит, когда мы приезжаем, в церковь мы с ней ходим, она в колокола дает нам позвонить, а мы ей например, забор покрасим, еще что-нибудь сделаем и вот мне объяснили, что это еще с тех времен, поэтому отсюда отношение и заложено оно давно. 

Об индустриальном туризме

В первую очередь Армения – это хорошее отношение и ну в общем просто какое-то ощущение, что я не уезжал отсюда, ощущение дома, плюс природа. Поскольку у нас есть техногенные и прочие поездки на всякие заброшенные заводы и шахты – это как раз последствия Советского Союза, все равно столько всего здесь внутри не было никак развито, ну не знаю, наверное не было аудитории такой. Армянам эти заброшки неинтересны, а у нас все приехали услышали про этот 50-метровый телескоп, который где-то на горе до сих пор стоит, его можно приехать посмотреть, в общем это невероятно! В России везде охрана сидит, либо все закрыто, никого никуда не пускают, либо все военное, проникнешь куда-то не туда, тебе еще впаяют за это! А тут приехал тебе “барев дзес” ты – “барев дзес”, и все пошли, тебе еще предложат абрикосы, водки на абрикосах и так далее. Это вторая была штука такая, что вся армянская действительность под наш подход и наш запрос, она идеально ложится. Поэтому для нас выбор очевиден. 

  1. Ваши гости – те, кто переехал из России, кто еще?

Ну в основном, да, есть еще армяне – в основном армяне-айтишники, либо московские армяне, и уже в качестве исключения сами местные. Например, с нами ходит одна бабушка, ей 72 года, она чемпионка Армянской ССР по теннису, и она ходит с нами в походы. Прикольная такая бабушка курит вейп, ходит в bluetooth наушниках. 

Беседовала – Мария Кикина


We All Benefit From Culture: An Interview with Mr. Dmitry Gudzenko, a Generous Donor to the Primavera Foundation

In conversation with Mrs. Maria Kikina Mr. Gudzenko reveals his connections with Armenia, talks on why he is supporting educational and cultural initiatives, as well as his choice of the Primavera Foundation.

Dmitry Gudzenko holds the title of Candidate of Technical Sciences and is a graduate of Bauman Moscow State Technical University. He is a founder and director of the Specialist Computer Training Center at Moscow State Technical University (N.E. Bauman). Mr. Gudzenko is an author of over 50 publications on additional education in the field of information technology. He also serves as a Consultant for ARMCYBERSEC LLC in Yerevan on on numerous educational projects.

Our endless gratitude to Mr. Dmitry Gudzenko for his invaluable support and dedication!

Full interview here

“Мы все пользуемся культурой.” 

Дмитрий Гудзенко – кандидат технических наук, выпускник МГТУ имени Баумана, основатель и руководитель Центра компьютерного обучения «Специалист» при МГТУ им. Н.Э. Баумана, автор более 50 публикаций по вопросам дополнительного образования в области информационных технологий, Консультант компании ARMCYBERSEC LLC по образовательным проектам.

  1. Почему именно фонд Primavera Foundation? 

Этот фонд создан для того, чтобы помогать молодым армянским музыкантам, и меня особенно привлекает, что основной акцент делается на обучении. Именно это мне близко. Культура – это такая вещь, которая должна быть обязательно поддержана, это очень важно. Мы все культурой пользуемся, и я, как технический человек, но кто-то должен ее сохранять, поддерживать и “нести” дальше. 

  1. Что лично Вас связывает с Арменией? 

Начнем с того, что моя мать – армянка, и Армения страна для меня абсолютно не чужая. Культура, историческое наследие армянского народа – это и мое наследие, в том числе. Для меня не было вопроса почему я  хочу поддерживать именно этот фонд, вопрос решился очень просто: “по зову крови”. 

  1. А с музыкой?

Я – технарь, у меня всегда было хорошо с точными науками, математикой, программированием, финансами, я не гуманитарий. До какого-то момента я немножко не понимал, зачем нужны гуманитарии, если, как говорится, мир создан технарями?! И только в зрелом возрасте я осознал, что есть такое понятие “культура” и, что гуманитарии нужны, чтобы эту культуру поддерживать, сохранять и приумножать. 

Мы ходим нам концерты, я очень люблю оперу и балет. И каждый раз, когда я был на концерте, я понимал, что все это не может работать на самоокупаемости, что классическая музыка, в том числе, не может быть коммерческой, она никогда себя не окупит. Поэтому без серьезной поддержки, она никак не сможет существовать. 

Второй момент, я всю жизнь, больше 30 лет, занимаюсь обучением взрослых в IT сфере по информационным технологиям (программирование, сетевые технологии). И я всегда старался делать это на основе предпринимательской сути и свободы: ориентируясь на рынок, я сам выбираю чему учить. Мне близка идея фонда, что культуру должны поддерживать люди добровольно, а не только через государственную политику, через налоги, а должна быть обязательно именно волонтерская поддержка сферы культуры. 

Есть вещи, которые можно делать за деньги, есть такие вещи, как, например, высшее образование, которое должно быть преимущественно бесплатным. Это то, что не имеет сиюминутной ценности, но имеет вечную ценность, помогает людям раскрыть себя. 

  1. Как произошло Ваше взаимодействие с фондом?

Когда обсуждали как я могу помочь фонду, меня приятно порадовал индивидуальный подход к партнеру и его пожеланиям. Мне предложили помочь именно в IT-сфере, в которой я специалист – создание и поддержание веб-сайта фонда. Мне подробно рассказывают, на что потрачены те деньги, которые я перечислил в фонд, очень скрупулезная и бережная отчетность. Для меня такая прозрачность была открытием, я не привык к этому, и был приятно удивлен. Отчетность и информированность о деятельности фонда выше всяких похвал!

  1. Что Вы думаете о деятельности фонда за 7 месяцев 2023 года?

Я прочитал отчет – очень интересно! Меня лично мотивирует продолжать поддерживать фонд то, что главным вектором было выбрано именно обучение. 30 лет я нахожусь в сфере образования, и я в нее верю. То, что основной упор был сделан именно на обучении очень соответствует моим ценностям, ведь добиться изменений мы можем только через передачу знаний. Образовательные активности, в том числе мастер-классы, способствуют развитию музыкантов. А это ведь не про сиюминутное. Это про жизнь людей, про возможности их реализации! 

Кстати, было бы очень интересно в отчет фонда вставлять видеофрагменты!  

Беседовала – Мария Кикина. 


Our Journey to the Hrazdan Music School with Armenian classical guitarists Vahan Sargsyan & Henrik Melikyan

We’re thrilled to bring the latest update from our ongoing educational trips: on November 30, 2023 Armenian classical guitarists Vahan Sargsyan & Henrik Melikyan went to the Hrazdan Music School, where they gave a performance and run inspiring master classes for eight young musicians, who performed works by Matteo Carcassi, Isaac Albeniz, L. van Beethoven, Francisco Tarrega, Alexandr Ivanov-Kramskoi, Jose Ferrer and Vicente Gomez.

We are delighted to start our collaboration with the Hrazdan Music School in Kotayk!

Stay tuned for upcoming events as we continue to bring new and exciting musical experiences to different regions. Your support makes these initiatives possible – click SUPPORT now! Every small donation makes a huge difference!

More photos here


Empowering Musical Education in Kotayk Region with Armenian classical guitarists Vahan Sargsyan & Henrik Melikyan!

Exciting news from our education program: we started to work in Kotayk! Our dedicated classical guitar tutors, Vahan Sargsyan and Henrik Melikyan, kicked off the initiative with heartwarming music concerts dedicated to Artsakh refugees. They also run the classical guitar master classes for local young musicians, providing guidance and professional advice.

We are thrilled and proud to continue our commitment to supporting Armenian musicians. Here are the latest updates on our collaboration with the classical guitarists Vahan Sargsyan & Henrik Melikyan:

Concerts for Artsakh refugees: As part of our ongoing commitment, the Primavera Foundation is conducting a series of free music concerts dedicated to Artsakh refugees. The aim is to offer them moments of joy and solace through the powerful language of music.

Classical Master Classes for Local Students: In alignment with our mission, we are also hosting classical master classes for local students, providing them with valuable learning experiences and fostering their musical talents.

More photos here


Classical guitarist Nikita Nedelko’s Solo Recital at the Noyemberian Cultural Center!

We returned to the Noyemberian Cultural Center on November 18, 2023 with Nikita Nedelko’s solo recital, that was a part of the foundation commitment to bringing classical music to Armenian regions, and inspiring youngsters to come to the classical music performaces.

“The concert at the Noyemberian Cultural Center initiated by the Primavera Foundation of Armenia took place for the second time. Primavera strives to make classical music accessible in regions, discovers gifted children and creates opportunities for them to perform. This time, one of the most prominent representatives of young classical guitarists in Russia, Nikita Nedelko, performed on our stage. He has performed concert tours in a number of great countries and won more than 30 awards. The concert was fantastic, the technical mastery of the music cannot be expressed in words. Thanks to the Primavera Foundation team, thanks to Nikita Nedelko, Thanks to the team of the Noyemberyan House of Culture and always ready Սոնյա Զուրաբյան thanks to our warm audience ❤️” – Mrs. Karine Alexanyan, the Primavera Foundation representative in Tavush.

We are thrilled to continue our mission of making classical music accessible in regions, discovering and nurturing young talents. Click SUPPORT button to take part in our mission!

More photos here


A Musical Journey: the classical guitarist Nikita Nedelko’s master-classes in Ijevan Music School!

We had a very productive time at Nikita Nedelko’s classical guitar master class at the Ijevan Music School on November 17, 2023. Seven talented young students performed works by Carulli, Giuliani, Lecuona, Tiomkin among the others.

A huge gratitude to Nikita Nedelko for creating an awesome day of learning and musical exploration. Your expertise and passion makes a great impact, and with plan to continue.

We extend our sincere appreciation to the Ijevan music school for hosting us and fostering the growth of musical talent in the region. Your support is invaluable!

More photos here


Classical Guitarist Nikita Nedelko’s Debut Concert in Ijevan: A Musical Triumph!

On November 16, 2023 Nikita Nedelko captured the audience with his debut recital in Ijevan, Armenia. The overwhelming turnout filled the venue with smiles and applause, and we extend our heartfelt gratitude to the audience – your support means the world to us! The concert program featured the works by G. Sanz, M. Llobet, K. Vasiliev, V. Asencio, S. Rudnev, and M. Duplessi. It was truly a captivating musical journey that spanned the rich traditions of Spain and Russia!

A special thank you to the warm-hearted community of Ijevan for the most gracious welcome and special thanks to the Ijevan Music School director and teachers for making this possible!

More photos here


Stunning Success: Nikita Nedelko’s Classical Guitar Master Classes Hit the Right Chords!

On November 15, 2023 we welcomed our Classical Guitar Program Mentor Nikita Nedelko in Armenia! Nikita run master classes for five young talented guitarists in Yerevan who performed pieces by Roland Dyens, Francisco Tarrega, Leo Brouwer and Dilermando Reis.

Even more! We shoot the master classes, and on the top of that, several educational videos with Nikita covering essential topics:

Preparation For a Competition Programming Enhancing a Musical Memory Posture, Left & Right Hands Positions, As Well As the Exercises For Both Hands

Subscribe to our YouTube Channel now and never miss a new educational video!

Big thank to our new partner the Arno Babajanyan Concert Hall! More exciting news is coming!

Check out photos from that day here


Armenian Classical Guitarists Vahan Sargsyan & Henrik Melikyan at the Gyumri Branch of the Yerevan Komitas State Conservatory

We are beyond excited to share the news that the two Armenian musicians, classical guitarists Vahan Sargsyan and Henrik Melikyan, the students of Komitas State Conservatory in Yerevan have joined our Educational Academy! As the classical guitar Educational Academy tutors they run master classes in Gyumri: seven young Armenian musicians participants performed pieces by J. S. Bach, Alexander Vinitsky and Bartolomé Calatayud. Followed up by the beautiful performance of Henrik and Vahan for the Artsakh refugees, and those who supported them.

Due to your continuous donations all our events were free for master classes participants and the audience!

This is the very first step of our mission: to create a meaningful support system and professional network for Armenian musicians and teachers, sharing the healing power of the classical music and standing in solidarity with Artsakh.

Big thanks to the Gyumri Branch of Yerevan Komitas State Conservatory for your support and for making this day possible!

More photos here


Memorable Celebration of Spain’s National Day in Yerevan!

We were delighted to welcome in Yerevan Spanish conductor Diego Martin Etxebarria for a performance dedicated to the National Day of Spain on October 12, 2023. The Armenian National Philharmonic Orchestra with Armenian pianist Hayk Melikyan, brought to the audience the works by Faure, Manuel de Falla, and Turina.

This event wouldn’t have been possible without the generous support of the Embassy of Spain in Armenia in collaboration with the Primavera Foundation. A heartfelt thank you to all who contributed to make this evening happen!

More photos here


ARAVOT Interview with our Ensemble Program Curator – Irina Krasotina

We invite you to read a sincere interview with Irina Krasotina, a distinguished pianist and professor at the Moscow Tchaikovsky State Conservatory, Ph.D. in Art History. She is the Head of the Ensemble Department at Ippolitov-Ivanov State Musical Pedagogical Institute. Ms. Krasotina also received a Master of Spanish Music degree from the Marshall Academy (Barcelona), a class of the legendary Spanish pianist Alicia de Larro-cha.

In this conversation, Irina shares her thoughts on the importance of higher education, the importance of continuing working under challenging circumstances and why she didn’t cancel her plans, insights on the artistic career and ensemble music, and her impressions of Armenian musicians.

Explore this conversation to gain a deeper understanding of the commitment and passion that drive the world of classical music and education through Primavera Foundation Academy.

Source: Aravot

ARAVOT Interview: Maximilian Simon

Enjoy an engaging interview with Maximilian Simon, the principal violinist of the Berlin Radio Symphony Orchestra, as he shares his insights on his trip to Armenia, its significance to him, and his impressions and plans concerning young Armenian talents and the country itself.

In the interview, Maximilian discusses his experience conducting master classes at the Gyumri branch of Yerevan Komitas State Conservatory and how this journey has shaped his perspective on the world of music and education.

Explore the full interview on ARAVOT and discover the meaningful connections we happy to create in the realm of classical music and talent development.

Source: Aravot

Romantic Piano Music Evening with Irina Krasotina at Aram Khachiaturian Museum

The House Museum Aram Khachaturian came alive with Irina Krasotina’s captivating performance on September 29th, featuring pieces by Glinka, Tchaikovsky, Scarlatti, Albeniz and Strauss. The Romantic Piano Music Evening was a delightful celebration of Primavera Foundation Anniversary, classical music, and artistry.

Big thanks to everyone who made this event possible, from the talented artist to the enthusiastic audience. Our commitment to the Armenian music community remains steadfast, and we will continue to provide educational and performance opportunities to music enthusiasts and aspiring artists.

More photos here


Master class & lecture of professor of the Moscow State Conservatory in Yerevan – Irina Krasotina

Our curator of the Ensemble Program at Primavera Foundation Academy, Professor of Moscow State Conservatory with a Ph.D. in Art History, and Master of Spanish Music – Irina Krasotina led a beautiful and inspiring chamber music master class on September 27th. Aspiring musicians performed Beethoven’s Cello Sonata No.2 Op.5 in G Minor.

Irina Krasotina continued her master class with an insightful lecture on the topic “Issues of Ensemble Performance” and shared her knowledge on issues of teaching methodology for the discipline “Chamber Ensemble” and questions to ask students.

More photos here


Lecture on Artistic Management & Career Opportunities by Elena Yakovleva in Guymri

On September 22nd, the Gyumri Branch of Yerevan Komitas State Conservatory had the privilege of hosting a dynamic lecture on “Artistic Management & Career Opportunities” led by Elena Yakovleva. Elena, the Artistic Manager at Primavera Consulting and Co-Founder and executive Director of Primavera Foundation Armenia, shared her wealth of knowledge with aspiring Armenian artists and anyone passionate about classical music and talent management.

Elena’s engaging presentation shed light on the significance of both hard and soft skills in the music industry, emphasizing their interplay and importance in the journey toward success. It was a day of learning, inspiration, and invaluable networking for all participants.

More photos here



Our first educational trip of the academic year to Gyumri! On September 22, 2023, Maximilian Simon, an accomplished soloist, chamber musician, and deputy section leader of the 2nd violins at the Berlin Radio Symphony Orchestra under the direction of Chief Conductor and Artistic Director Vladimir Jurowski conducted masterclasses for young Armenian violinists in Gyumri.

Four talented violinists took part in the masterclasses, performed Mozart, Viotti and Bach.

Following the masterclasses, Maximilian hosted an engaging round table discussion bringing together teachers and students to discuss the current situation in Gyumri. Maximilian Simon also shared his invaluable experiences and answered questions from both teachers and students.

Big thanks to the Gyumri Branch of Yerevan Komitas State Conservatory for your support and for making this day possible!

More photos here


Dmitry Masleev’s Inspiring Piano Concerti Masterclasses at Yerevan Komitas Conservatory

On September 16, 2023, we started the new academic year with a series of masterclasses dedicated to piano concerti. Four talented pianists worked with our Piano Program Curator – Dmitry Masleev on pieces by Rachmaninoff and Ravel.

We would like to thank Rector Son Hovhannisyan and Dean of the Piano Faculty, Irina Sarkisovna Akopyan, for their invaluable support and dedication in coordinating this masterclass series at the Yerevan Conservatory.

More photos here


ARAVOT Interview: Dmitry Masleev, Piano Program Curator

We invite you to check out this interview with Dmitry Masleev, our esteemed Piano Program Curator and the winner of the XV International Tchaikovsky Competition. In this conversation, Dmitry shares his thoughts on his recent master classes in Yerevan, career, life, and the current state of piano scene.

Source: Aravot

Dmitry Masleev’s brilliant performance Performance with the Armenian National Symphony Orchestra at Aram Khachiaturian Concert Hall

Our Piano Program Curator – Dmitry Masleev graced the stage with the Armenian National Philharmonic Orchestra, delivering a breathtaking performance featuring A. Khachaturian’s Symphony No.1 and S. Prokofiev’s Piano Concerto No. 3 conducted by Valentin Uryupin.

Sharing beautiful moments from the opening of the 15th Yerevan International Music Festival, dedicated to the 120th anniversary of Aram Khachaturian on September 15. 2023.

More photos here



Check out the interview with Elena Yakovleva, the Artistic Manager of Primavera Consulting and Co-Founder & Executive Director of Primavera Foundation Armenia, in Golos Armenii newspaper. She discusses the incredible work we’ve done this year, our future projects and plans, the challenges we’ve faced, and our deep love for Armenia.



On the third day of our Syunik trip in July 2023 with pianist Dmitry Masleev, we had the pleasure of bringing Dmitry to Kapan with the master classes. Four young and talented piano students had the incredible opportunity to learn from Dmitry Masleev, especially on the pieces Dmitry performs himself! Mr. Masleev commented on the high level of the students and was delighted to provide them with his guidance.

The Primavera Foundation aims to support young and talented musicians in Armenian regions by providing access to the best educational practices, inspiring performances, and hands-on art transfer.

More photos here


Primavera Foundation’s regional trip to Syunik province with the pianist Dmitry Masleev (Goris, Agarak)

The Primavera Foundation’s mission is to support young and talented musicians in Armenian regions. We strongly believe that access to top-notch education, inspiring performances, and hands-on artistic experiences are vital for talent development and professional growth.

Our journey kicked off in the charming town of Goris, surrounded by breathtaking nature and warm-hearted people. We had the privilege to visit a local music school and witness the incredible talent of two young pupils. Their passion and dedication were truly inspiring!

More photos here

On the second day of the journey to the Syunik region, we had the pleasure of witnessing Dmitry Masleev, a renowned musician, running master classes at the Music School in Agarak City. It was a remarkable experience as he shared his expertise and knowledge with the eager students. Additionally, we had the opportunity to meet and engage with the local teachers from Agarak and Megri cities.

We thank everyone involved for such a memorable day filled with the beauty of music, nature, and the warm hospitality of the Syunik region.

More photos here


Dmitry Masleev’s Piano Master Classes. Day 2: A Journey Towards Musical Excellence

On July 8, 2023, we had a second day of master classes with the pianist Dmitry Masleev, the Foundation Educational Academy Piano program curator.

Five young talented students from Yerevan State Conservatory performed pieces by Rachmaninoff, Shostakovich, Schumann, and L.van Beethoven. Dmitry spent more than an hour with each student. Master classes ended with the Foundation team favorite formate: a round table. Everyone was intited to participate in the discussion, or to ask Dmitry a question. We thank our Piano program curator, pianist Dmitry Masleev, for sharing his expertise and knowledge!

This learning opportunity wouldn’t have been possible without the support of our partners, and the Armenian National Philharmonic Orchestra team.

Check the photos here.



On July 8, 2023 we had a round table discussion with the XV Tchaikovsky Piano Competition Winner, the Foundation Educational Academy Piano program curator Dmitry Masleev. Everyone in the audience had a chance to join Dmitry in a meaningful conversation.

Together with the young Armenian musicians we explored the real-life challenges of an artistic career in the modern world. Dmitry Masleev shared his approach to practice, programming, working with a score, and answered the following questions:

  1. How not to stress too much before going on stage?
  2. How many hours must practice a musician?
  3. What is the best repertoire for a competition?
  4. How to create a program if an artist has at least a year before performing it?

We really love new formats in our Educational Programs. Stepping out of the comfort zone helps students to engage with other musicians, challenge their own ideas, and together explore the real struggles of the artistic world.

We were surprised by the interest we generated! Therefore we see discussions and round tables as an essential part of our educational activities. We hear that these actiovities provide the participants with knowledge exchange, help to search for the the real-life problems solutions, encorage students to to stay un touch – i.e. to build a community where they can grow together and support each other.

We thank our valuable partner, the Armenian National Philharmonic Orchestra for their support and hospitality!

Check the moments from the round table discussion here.


Aravot: Interview with Mrs. Elena Yakovleva, Co-Founder & Executive Director of the Primavera Foundation

For the Aravot newspaper Mrs. Elena Yakovleva, Co-Founder & Executive Director of the Primavera Foundation shared her story of becoming the artistic manager and shed light on Primavera Foundation’s activities developed and run by the Foundation team in first stvtn months of 2023, the Armenian talented musicians we met during trips to Armenian regions and the Foundation plans for the rest of 2023.

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First Channel News: the Interview With the Primavera Foundation Co-Founder Elena Yakovleva

Elena Yakovleva, the Co-Founder & Executive Director of our foundation speaks on her personal journey that ended up in launching the Primavera Foundation, together with Mrs. Anastasia Boudanoque in Armenia, as well as the result of the Foundation’s seven months of activities, and plans.

In this interview, Elena will take us on a remarkable journey, sharing her experiences and insights about the world of classical music. From the challenges faced to the results achieved, she provides a behind-the-scenes look into the passion and dedication which drive the Primavera Foundation team forward.

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Pianist Dmitry Masleev & Primavera Foundation Co-Founder Elena Yakovleva For A1plus News

A1plus News report about pianist Dmitry Masleev’s master classes for students of the Yerevan State Conservatory and Yerevan youth music schools turned into a conversation about the Foundation approach to the educational programs focused on the support of the young musicians, and Dmitry’s approach to the master classes teaching process.

We thank our valuable partner, the Armenian National Philharmonic Orchestra team for the hospitality!

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Interview With Pianist Dmitry Masleev on Radio Sputnik Armenia

Dmitry Masleev, the Tchaikovsky Piano Competition winner, the world renowned pianist in conversation with Karen Avetisian at the Sputnik Armenia on his favorite composer (so far), and his approach to work with scores, as well as about master classes in Yerevan and Syunik, as well as an upcoming concert that awaits the audience of Yerevan in September.

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Dmitry Masleev’s Inspiring Master Class Day 1: A Journey of Musical Excellence

On July 7 we had a remarkable day (the first out of two!) of the master classes led by the world-renowned pianist Dmitry Masleev, winner of the XV Tchaikovsky Piano Competition. The master classes were hosted in the Piano room of the Aram Khachaturian Concert Hall, provided by our valuable partner, the Armenian National Philharmonic Orchestra!

Five young Armenian piano students of the Komitas Yerevan State Conservatory and Yerevan music schools performed the pieces by Debussy, Rachmaninoff, Liszt, Brahms, and Scriabin, embracing the opportunity to showcase their technic and refine their art under Dmitry Masleev’s guidance.

We thank our Piano program curator Dmitry Masleev for sharing his expertise so generously, our partners, and the team for making this unforgettable experience possible.

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Classical guitarist ISABEL MARTINEZ (Spain) INTERVIEW after the dress rehearsal GUITAR EVENING CONCERT WITH the ANPO

Have you ever wondered what happens before a performance? Watch the classical guitarist Isabel Martinez speaking to VNews before the Spanish Guitar Evening with the Armenian National Philharmonic Orchestra and Spanish conductor Juan Antonio Ramirez on March 28, 2023 at the Aram Khachiaturian Concert Hall.

The event marked the start of the collaboration between the Primavera Foundation and the Embassy of the Kingdom of Spain in Armenia.


Armenia First Channel TV Report featuring pianist Polina Osetinskaya, Elena Yakovleva (Primavera Foundation) & Arman Padaryan (ANPO)

On April 19, 2023 pianist Polina Osetinskaya gave master-classes for Yerevan State Komitas Conservatory, and a press-conference in the light of her first ever solo recital in Yerevan on April 21, 2023. The event was produced by the Primavera Foundation of Armenia in the partnership with the Armenian National Philharmonic Orchestra. See the full reportage by the First Armenia TV Channel.


Yerkir Report Featuring Pianist Polina Osetinskaya, Elena Yakovleva (Primavera Foundation) & Arman Padaryan (ANPO)

On April 19, 2023 pianist Polina Osetinskaya gave master classes for Yerevan State Komitas Conservatory students and gave a press conference in anticipation of her first-ever solo recital in Yerevan on April 21, 2023. The event was produced by the Primavera Foundation of Armenia in partnership with the Armenian National Philharmonic Orchestra. See the full reportage by the First Armenia TV Channel.

Source: Yerkir Media


We are sharing the heartwarming memories of a solo recital by Polina Osetinskaya which she performed on April 21 2023. Mrs. Osetinskaya’s flawless performance mesmerized the audience at the Aram Khachaturian Concert Hall. It was an evening which was full of beautiful baroque music which touched everyone’s hearts.

This is the first performance organized and produced by the Primavera Foundation in Armenia. All income from the ticket sales goes to our programs and initiatives focusing on classical music education for young gifted Armenian musicians in Armenian regions.

Our deep gratitude to the Aram Khachaturian Concert Hall & the Armenian National Philharmonic Orchestra teams for their exceptional partnership and support!

Check our UPCOMING EVENTS to stay tuned!


Piano Master Classes by Polina Osetinskaya at the Aram Khachaturian Concert Hall for Yerevan State Komitas Conservatory Students

On 19 April 2023, we had the pleasure to organize piano master classes by Polina Osetinskaya at the Aram Khachaturian Concert Hall for talented young Armenian pianists. We were honored to welcome also piano teachers and students from Yerevan music schools to the master classes.

Mrs. Osetinskaya shared her expertise and guided the students on the pieces they performed. It was truly inspiring to witness the young musicians’ passion and dedication to arts and music.

Our gratitude to the @Armenian National Philharmonic Orchestra team for their support and partnership.

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Artistic Management & Career Opportunities: a master class by Elena Yakovleva at the Yerevan Komitas State Conservatory

The photos flashback from the master class by Primavera Consulting Artistic Manager & Primavera Foundation Co-Founder Elena Yakovleva on April 18, 2023.

The master class covered a range of topics starting from artistic career management to the artist’s digital stage, and the process of getting international recognition. It was an opportunity for the Conservatory students to learn from first-hand experience and ask questions about their future careers. We hope to continue exploring these topics in more detail during the next season.

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Lucas Debargue Round Table at the Aram Khachaturian Concert Hall, Yerevan

On the April 15 after the Master Classes we had an exceptional new format event! We hosted a round table with the famous and unique pianist Lucas Debargue.

At first, the audience was quite shy, but after a few minutes, they burst with questions and opinions! The topic of the discussion was how being a musician changes your life and what makes a musical piece sound true. Check out the photos!

Participation in our educational events is free for everybody! Check the upcoming events on our site and join the next master-class!

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Lucas Debargue Master Classes at the Aram Khachaturian Concert Hall, Yerevan

Our weekend was filled with educational and performance events. On Friday, pianist Lucas Debargue performed with the Armenian National Orchestra under the baton of Valentin Urypin. The following day Lucas Debargue run master classes for talented young Armenian pianists – students of the Yerevan Komitas State Conservatory.

Lucas commented on the great technical and musical abilities of Armenian young pianists and provided them with inspiration and guidance on the pieces he used to perform himself: Ravel’s Gaspard de La Nuit & Sonatine, and Ballade No.4 f by Chopin.

We were honored to welcome piano teachers and students from Yerevan to the master classes! Our endless gratitude to the Armenian National Philharmonic Orchestra team for their support and partnership in this project. Please enjoy a few photos from the beautiful Saturday morning at Aram Khachiaturian Concert Hall!

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On April 7, 2023, in partnership with the Aram Khachaturian Museum, we organized classical guitar master classes by Artyom Dervoed. 🎶🎸

11 participants, students of the Komitas Yerevan State Conservatory and Yerevan music schools performed pieces by Bach, Piazzolla, Tarrega, Mangore and more! In addition to the master classes, Artyom Dervoed met the classical guitar teachers from Yerevan. During the meeting, they exchange ideas on how to support the classical guitar school in Armenia.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the Aram Khachaturian Museum and Mrs. Armine Grigoryan personally for the support of talented musicians in their artistic journey.

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This April Primavera Foundation launched regional education program with an amazing trip to Tavush

Our third stop was at the Ijevan Secondary Music School where the world-renowned classical guitarist Artyom Dervoed performed a solo recital and run master classes for eleven guitar students. Afterward, we had the opportunity to meet with local teachers and executives from the youth art school and local government authorities.

It was an honor for us to support young artists and meet so many inspiring people in person.

We are proud to have Artyom Dervoed as the curator of our classical guitar Primavera Foundation Program.

Check out the photos from the concert and master classes!

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Artyom Dervoed concert and master class. Tavush region (Noyemberyan, Koghb)

One of the Primavera Foundation’s goals is to support young gifted musicians in the Armenian regions. We believe that the free access to best educational practices, inspirational performances, and hand-to-hand art transfer are the key factor for the talent development and professional growth.
We’re thrilled to share that we have started the regional education program with the amazing trip to Tavush!

Our first stop was at the Noyemberyan Cultural Center, where the world-acclaimed classical guitarist Artyom Dervoed performed a solo recital. After it, we had a chance to meet the local teachers and youth art school executives.
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On the next day Artyom Dervoed run master classes at the Կողբի գեղարվեստի դպրոց / Koghb Art School for local students, offering them his expertise and guidance. It was a true honor and joy for us to support young artists and meet so many amazing people in person.
Check out the photos from the concert and master classes!
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Launch of the Collaboration: the Embassy of the Kingdom of Spain, the ANPO & the Primavera Foundation Armenia at Aram Khachaturian Hall

Launch of the Collaboration: the Embassy of the Kingdom of Spain, the ANPO & the Primavera Foundation Armenia at Aram Khachaturian Hall

The concert, which was organized with the generous support of the Embassy of the Kingdom of Spain in Armenia, signified the collaboration’s launch. We are proud to share the photos of the event and sincerely thank His Excellence Marcos Gómez Martínez, the Ambassador of the Kingdom of Spain in the Republic of Armenia, who was with us that night at the Aram Khachaturian Concert Hall.

Spanish & Russian classical guitarists Isabel Martinez and Artyom Dervoed, with the Armenian National Philharmonic Orchestra under the baton of Juan Antonio Ramirez (Spain), performed the music by Spanish composers or the music which was inspired by the art and culture of the Kindom of Spain.

The program featured the two Armenian debuts, including Stephen Goss’s guitar concerto “Albeniz.” The composer himself traveled from London to attend the performance!

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Зачем создан фонд Primavera Foundation of Armenia?

Что может сделать фонд для молодых армянских исполнителей и продюсеров. Какие мероприятия уже запланированы и как принять в них участие?

Интервью Лианы Азоян с артистическим менеджером Еленой Яковлевой для / / Armenia.

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Пианист Михаил Плетнев и дирижер Владимир Федосеев говорят о совместном выступлении 17 ноября 2022 года

«Музыка — это то, что дано Богом. Но тем, кому это дано, они находят в этой музыке все, и утешение, отраду и смысл существования. B один из таких людей это, безусловно, Владимир Федосеев». — Михаил Плетнев
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