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— “I have been developing the idea of a charitable foundation for a number of years. The idea was to establish a foundation based on the founders’ reputation, therefore, open to collaboration with any artist or cultural institution. The choice of Armenia was obvious: I have been working with Armenians since 2012, and I was astonished by the reach and beauty of its cultural heritage. On top of that, being gifted musically, they know how to work hard. Armenians value care and support.
I hope with all my heart that my experience and expertise will serve the Armenian artists and cultural institutions so we can celebrate the Armenian cultural heritage internationally together.”

Elena Yakovleva
Co-Founder & Executive Director

Having come from a background in business and entrepreneurship, Ms. Yakovleva made a commitment to artist management in 2017 and joined Primavera Consulting, where she represents several artists, produces projects and develops cross-cultural initiatives. She has been involved in special events and projects with Mischa Maisky, Bella Davidovich, Olga Peretyatko, Dmitry Sitkovetsky, Tan Dun, Lucas Debargue, and Dmitry Masleev. She was also a part of the production team for the documentary Forte, responsible for organizing the shoot in Moscow in 2019.

In 2020, responding to the challenges exposed by the Covid-19 crisis, together with Anastasia Boudanoque, Founder and Managing Director of Primavera Consulting, and Anna Zeiman, Founder of the digital media agency Indadata, Ms. Yakovleva created a new venture, Primavera Digital to help empower artists and performing arts organizations to be mindful of their digital presence, to take control of their digital stage, and to use digital media to turn occasional and passive listeners into actively engaged communities.

Prior to her career change, Ms. Yakovleva worked within the leadership team of Russia’s top private business school SKOLKOVO Moscow School of Management, first as Executive Education Consultant for nuclear energy and steel production companies, then as Program Director of Successors Academy for SKOLKOVO Wealth Transformation Center. Simultaneously, Ms. Yakovleva began to explore the field of talent management, which has been her long-time passion.

She translated and published James Westbrook’s The Century that Shaped the Guitar, the seminal book on the history of the instrument, and launched the Russian edition with a concert at the Moscow State Conservatory, featuring rare 19th century instruments. Shortly thereafter she began to represent Russia’s top classical guitarist, Artyom Dervoed. Since 2015, she has been collaborating with the Moscow Philharmonic Society on the management and production of the Guitar Virtuosi Festival, presenting such superstars as Pepe Romero, Aniello Desiderio, and the Assad Brothers, to name a few. Ms. Yakovleva began her career as a project management and training consultant in the field of hydro energy production. Later, she became an HR executive for JSC RusHydro, Russia’s largest hydropower holding, where she was in charge of analyzing and improving the HR functions of the company. As part of the company’s restructuring, she formed and led the Senior Executive Department.

Ms. Yakovleva graduated from the Higher School of Economics in Moscow in 2001 and went on to earn her Master’s degree in International Human Resource Management from Kingston Business School in London in 2012.

— “As citizens of the increasingly globalized world, we must preserve cultural diversity at all cost, for it is the discovery and the dialogue that keep the human experience worthwhile. Although small in size, Armenia has contributed greatly to our shared heritage, and I am proud to illuminate its cultural significance through the programs of our foundation.”

Anastasia Boudanoque,
Primavera Foundation Armenia Co-Founder

Since 2015 Anastasia Boudanoque has been managing Primavera Consulting LLC, a firm she founded with a focus on producing high-end classical entertainment events and consulting performing arts organizations all over the world. Additionally, Primavera represents a small roster of artists, reinforcing traditional talent management with digital and social media, endorsement opportunities, as well as educational, charitable, and cultural diplomacy initiatives.

Ms. Boudanoque has been involved in the careers of some of the most compelling performers of our time including Lang Lang, Ray Chen, Mischa Maisky, Long Yu, Olga Peretyatko, Julian Rachlin, Daniel Harding, Maxim Vengerov, Robert Trevino, Tan Dun, and Rudolf Buchbinder. As a producer, under the auspices of Columbia Artists (CAMI Music), Ms. Boudanoque organized the 2010 AsianGames Festival in Guangzhou, bringing together Yo-Yo Ma, Midori, Sarah Chang, Myung-Whun Chung and the Seoul Philharmonic for an unprecedented musical summit. Her producing credits also include the historic performances of the Shanghai Symphony Orchestra in Manhattan’s Central Park, celebrating the World Expo 2010, and at the UN General Assembly in 2015, commemorating the 70th anniversary of Allied Powers’ victory over nazism. She has produced five Chinese New Year Gala concerts at Lincoln Center with the New York Philharmonic and brought the Moscow Sretensky Monastery Choir to Beijing for a rare concert of sacred music at the Forbidden City. Ms. Boudanoque has arranged for some these events to be broadcast internationally, increasing their audience to hundreds of thousands.

In 2019, Ms. Boudanoque released her second documentary Forte, which has been licensed for broadcasting on national TV networks in Norway, Finland and New Zealand, screened at the Kennedy Center in Washington D. C., Canada’s National Arts Center, University of Richmond, Dallas Symphony Orchestra, Santa Fe Symphony, Boca Raton Festival of the Arts, Cincinnati World Cinema, and other venues. Filmed in eleven international locations, Forte profiles three women who are challenging classical music industry norms by setting their own definition and criteria for success in a genre steeped in tradition. Ms. Boudanoque is a founding board member of the Musicaeterna Foundation of America, the charitable organization supporting musicAeterna Ensemble and Choir, under the artistic leadership of Teodor Currentzis.

Previously, she has served on the board of the Shanghai Orchestra Academy, which she helped establish as a partnership between the Shanghai Symphony Orchestra, the New York Philharmonic, and the Shanghai Conservatory. In 2008, she spearheaded the creation and launch of the Lang Lang International Music Foundation.

Prior to her tenure at Columbia Artists, Ms. Boudanoque ran the comprehensive arts program of the British Council in St. Petersburg and collaborated with IMG Artists as an independent producer. She graduated with honors from the St. Petersburg State University where she earned a Specialist degree in International Relations and Cultural Diplomacy.

Marc de Mauny
Board Member

— “Few countries have had such lasting influence on world culture, as has Armenia, and few peoples have mingled with other nations to such great effect, enriching the life of the planet, as have Armenians.
Music, that “art to which other arts aspire”, has been always and remains at the heart of Armenian culture. It is my privilege to help create the best possible conditions for the young aspiring musicians of Armenia to evolve in, and to help prepare them for the world stage.”

Born in Paris in 1971, Marc de Mauny was educated in France and England. He graduated from Cambridge University in 1994. In 1998 he joined the British Council in St Petersburg as Arts Officer and ran the official programme of cultural events in celebration of the 300th anniversary of Peter I’s Great Embassy to the United Kingdom. In the same year, together with violinist Andrei Reshetin, he founded the St Petersburg International EARLYMUSIC Festival, which he managed until 2007.

As Head of Communications for Raiffeisenbank in Russia from 2007-2010 he devised the bank’s corporate social responsibility and arts sponsorship programmes. In 2011 he was invited by Teodor Currentzis to Perm where he remained as General Manager of Perm Opera until 2015, when he returned to Paris.

In 2016, Marc de Mauny joined forces with Nicolai Vemming to create a company, which ran the international concert activity of musicAeterna up to 2020. Throughout this period, he continued his collaboration with Perm Opera, for which he produced numerous operas, most notably Purcell’s Indian Queen directed by Peter Sellars (2013), Verdi’s La Traviata directed by Robert Wilson (2016), Honneger’s Jeanne au Bûcher directed by Romeo Castellucci (2018); he also co-produced a series of recordings by musicAeterna on the Sony Classical label, and the annual International Diaghilev Festival in Perm. From 2020 to 2022, Marc de Mauny was General Director of the Maurice Ravel International Festival & Academy, in St-Jean-de-Luz.

Pasetchnik Family:
Beatriz and Vasily Pasetchnik
Board Members

— “For many years, in intricate and magical ways, our lives have been connected with Armenian culture and people. We would like this connection to continue and open up new opportunities for those who share our passion for music.”

Beatriz and Vasily met when they were students at Stanford University in California and married in 2004. Beatriz was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and Vasily in St Petersburg, Russia. They currently live in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, together with their three children. Beatriz and Vasily share a passion for music.

In 2019 they became patrons of the Cheltenham Music Festival in the United Kingdom, sponsoring the opening night of the festival featuring the London Symphony Orchestra with violin soloist Emmanuel Tjeknavorian. Together they are supporting talented musicians around the world.

Evgeniya Sluchak
Board Member

Evgeniya is one of the most famous Russian-speaking hedge fund specialists, one of the founders of the EPFC Group. She is a member of the Hedge Fund Committee of the National Alternative Investment Management Association (NAIMA), has been an ideologist, co-founder and managing director of the Moscow Hedge Fund Managers Club for more than 10 years, and is also a member of the 100 Women in Finance Association.

Evgeniya is the author of numerous articles about the hedge fund industry in Forbes Russia, BRICS Magazine, SPEAR’s Russian Edition. Since 2019 Evgeniya has been living and working in Armenia. Founder and Director of ARMHEDGE Fund Services, which is an independent service provider for investment companies and hedge funds from the United States. She also founded ArmFunds Platform with her partners, the first consulting company in Armenia specializing in the launch and administration of investment funds within the regulatory requirements of the Central Bank of Armenia.

In 2015, she joined the Charity Team of the first Yerevan Half Marathon and since then has been participating in various charitable initiatives related to Armenia. Since 2022, he has been a Goodwill Ambassador of the 4090 Foundation, an Armenian foundation that supports education and further professional growth for war veterans.

Mary Mamikonyan
Board Member

—”Throughout the centuries, music has been a source of inspiration. During the darkest times, we pursue relief and inspiration and do our best to surround ourselves with light-filled personalities.
For me, the Primavera Foundation is a team of gifted professionals who generously share their skills and passion for music.”

Mrs. Mamikonyan graduated from the Finance Academy in Moscow with a degree in finance. For 15 years she has participated in various projects in Russian and Armenian banks. Customer service and corporate lending were her main priorities as a top manager at VTB Armenia, UKO Cascade Credit, Ardshinbank.

Since June 2022, she has established a company with partners for the support of investment funds and comprehensive business consulting of ArmFunds Platform. In the company, she is responsible for sales and customer support. Prior to that time, she held the position of General Director of NAIRIAN CJSC, an Armenian manufacturer of natural cosmetics.

Since 2012, Mrs. Mamikonian has been initiating and developing various charity events and foundations. She was the Head of the Board of the Mother of Armenia Foundation, Deputy General Director of the AYB Foundation.

In 2018, she and two other co-founders founded the Paradigm Foundation with the aim of creating a community of teachers to share experiences and self-education. Since 2020, Mrs. Mamikonyan heads the “Our Lions”volunteer team, which provides financial support to the families of Armenian soldiers, and also serves as the 4090 Foundation Chairman of the Board.