On July 8, 2023 we had a round table discussion with the XV Tchaikovsky Piano Competition Winner, the Foundation Educational Academy Piano program curator Dmitry Masleev. Everyone in the audience had a chance to join Dmitry in a meaningful conversation.

Together with the young Armenian musicians we explored the real-life challenges of an artistic career in the modern world. Dmitry Masleev shared his approach to practice, programming, working with a score, and answered the following questions:

  1. How not to stress too much before going on stage?
  2. How many hours must practice a musician?
  3. What is the best repertoire for a competition?
  4. How to create a program if an artist has at least a year before performing it?

We really love new formats in our Educational Programs. Stepping out of the comfort zone helps students to engage with other musicians, challenge their own ideas, and together explore the real struggles of the artistic world.

We were surprised by the interest we generated! Therefore we see discussions and round tables as an essential part of our educational activities. We hear that these actiovities provide the participants with knowledge exchange, help to search for the the real-life problems solutions, encorage students to to stay un touch – i.e. to build a community where they can grow together and support each other.

We thank our valuable partner, the Armenian National Philharmonic Orchestra for their support and hospitality!

Check the moments from the round table discussion here.