Primavera Foundation’s regional trip to Syunik province with the pianist Dmitry Masleev (Goris, Agarak)

The Primavera Foundation’s mission is to support young and talented musicians in Armenian regions. We strongly believe that access to top-notch education, inspiring performances, and hands-on artistic experiences are vital for talent development and professional growth.

Our journey kicked off in the charming town of Goris, surrounded by breathtaking nature and warm-hearted people. We had the privilege to visit a local music school and witness the incredible talent of two young pupils. Their passion and dedication were truly inspiring!

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On the second day of the journey to the Syunik region, we had the pleasure of witnessing Dmitry Masleev, a renowned musician, running master classes at the Music School in Agarak City. It was a remarkable experience as he shared his expertise and knowledge with the eager students. Additionally, we had the opportunity to meet and engage with the local teachers from Agarak and Megri cities.

We thank everyone involved for such a memorable day filled with the beauty of music, nature, and the warm hospitality of the Syunik region.

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